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 Flash Storm

A day that I remember sand castles and swimmers ear.
The sound of children laughter fill the air.
Skipping stones across the waters always finding the perfect
stone, finding a pocket a full of stones on my way home.

It was a beautiful sunshiny day, my cousins were on their way.
Debbie and I would swim the lake and float in water while we baked.
Ice tea and Lemon filled my glass, while hours so quickly pass.
It was a day that skiers seek,  they flash by making the water streak.

I don't know what happened that day, Why dark clouds rolled in so 
fast, but it began to grow dark, and the rain came down then Hail,
lightning ripped a few sails.
The water was no longer safe, thunder shook the shore, no sunshine
It walked out the door!

We returned home sandy and wet, but all of us safe and sound. 
That was a flash of a storm I won't ever forget, not ever seen 
another like it, at least not yet.......
I never saw a storm move so fast, it wreaks havoc and passed.
Sunburned and feeling a chill, that was a day that gave us all a thrill.

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Flash Storm