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Night Sail

When the sun sets and the moon awakes
the stars come out to play.
The old nights of April greet a heavenly display.
Lights fill the sky in scattered random,
with the art of a painters brush, that blots out the day
to bring the shine of night as the Milky Way
begins to cast its light.

Moonbeams dance with the waters of the Sea and
beams it's haze in enchanting ways.
A Sailors dreams of green lands and sunny days.
With watchful eyes, they navigate in the star map
skies, to find the destination of a Tropic paradise.

So light the map of this deep blue sea and it will
bring us to a place with love and grace, a home
away from home, where the vivid dreams may
Sail this ship in Midnight's show, and find
your heart when starlit skies begin to glow.

Shine upon the glassy still water, silhouettes
of Moon and sea, a sight that Poets see, in
peaceful nights they sail shine the playful
stars with a Lunar glow, a distant Island 
An Island of Hope and freedom grows...
No ordinary place, you see,
The faithful land
of the fearless free...

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Night Sail