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When  Sorrows Cease

When the sobs of the night come flowing in
remember this bright summer night, 
Remember the might that lace the sight.

When winds of the north entice the chill
and brings a sullen frill, remember my 
smile if only for a while.

The heart is warm with love, the mind is
free with thoughts of peace, the spirit
sways with sun-kissed  days and softly
shows the way.

Remember me and I will remember you
in light of laughter, and tears of cheer
with the courage to face all restless fears.

The greatest stories are left untold and
stand alone in hearts of old,
Somehow these stories our life, become  sweet 
songs and aids the spirit and makes us

Remember hope, love, and peace, only
then will sorrows cease...

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When Sorrows Cease