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  Tomorrow Calls

There are only the soft whispers of waning night.
A distant train moves in the sleeping valley.
Times are hard and I search for solitude, to
soothe this restless spirit. 

Sleep is calling it runs in another direction
seeking out the peaceful hearts of woodland
life and growing infants.

What events weigh heavy at this hour now 
lighten to hold peace in a purity of its soft
inviting shadows.

The warmth of the All Mighty rest in this time
When sorrows sleep and peace walks free.
Slowly the waters of life flow to the sea of
souls to seek the generations of my Forefathers.

The distance nears and brings the unbroken line
of tomorrows calls.....
Tomorrow is in the path of past and the moment
of " now."

Seek not the path, but the will, and tomorrows call
will answer before it falls.....

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Tomorrow Calls