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MacCartney Rig

In a quaint little cove was the Fishermen's Grove.
A small community that thrived on the Sea.
Beyond the nolls where kelly green grass grows
was a cabin of Malcomb McKee.
He was the Captain of the MacCartney fishing rig
His life was simple but full, you see.

His men were sturdy and strong they worked
all year long, Always puffing on his pipe
he'd give a swipe of his high five to quicken the jive.
They feed a community to their fill, with Flounder
Salmon and Bass at will, all served under glass.
A full table they could not pass.

One Summer day MacCartney Rig ventures to open sea.
Was a sail that would anger an old Granddaddy whale.
It was a trip that was destined to fail.
The ship was battered and torn, and there was a threat
of an Atlantic Storm. 

Back to the cove, they head, to dock the rig before it was
scrapped for dead, onward the old ship led.
The waters choppy and frisky, sailing becomes so risky.
Docked and ready to repair the rig which somehow got us home,
she will be at the dock for a while, but sail again with a Fishermans smile. 

Providing the community with platters of style.
God Blessed the Emerald Isle.

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MacCartney Rig