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Soft  and Free

Simple life so pure and sure not one once of greed!
When all that mattered was love, kindness, and need.
Food on the table, the children's laughter, and by my husband's side,
a gentle hopeful pride.

I'm much older now not much of my ways have changed, my 
looks perhaps somewhat rearranged.
I still sit with the children as they gather near my side, and watch
their gentle playful ways that make the treasure of the heart grow
with each lasting moment of the day.

I hold the cup half full and drink my fresh brewed tea and cherish
the love of many years of friends and family.
To gaze upon the open land, and feel the warmth of your hand
is still my one desire,  a once raging fire flows steadily in embers
glow, coals that light and take away the cold winter bite.
Your light shines bright my King, my shining armored Knight.

A legacy has formed a bond, that brought this life in motion,
The respect and love shines in many years of epic devotion.
So when the sun lights the day or Moonlit nights show the
way, remember me my soul will shine in enchanted hearts
that shimmers soft and free...

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Soft and Free