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Foreboding  Road Ends

She didn't have a clue. Didn't  Know what to do.
All about her was a loss, the value much greater
then the cost.
Now her day gathers tears, she mourns deeply,
she becomes forgotten and lost.

Before her is the path unknown, many rocks and 
holes on a foreboding road.
Her feet bruised and torn, onward she carries a 
heavy load.

Suddenly  the trees begin to bow to a rising  light
sweeping across the woods and majestic mountaintops,
there appears a rich flame; ash free, a flame that
is unconsuming, yet contained, without burn or stain.

Her weight becomes light, her pain casted away, as she turns
around, no longer lost, now found.
Amazing light, beams from the Holy ground.
The wings of Angels sweep, her eyes
soulfully weep.
A spiral stairway beckons her to eternal life
Only to end her worldly strife.

Like a newborn babe, she tries to return to
the womb, she knows that her tears fill
the tomb.

She begins to rise upon the sailing skies
the softness of light opens her eyes.
The foreboding road is gone, a fresh cloud
she stands upon, destined souls of faith
stand side by side, and warmly the light

The love of Sweet Jesus welcomes her home.
Born out of death salvation springs forth
eternal life.
The realm of the " Lamb of God" greets her with
open arms, in a Kingdom that heals all harms.

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Foreboding Road Ends