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School Fire

It has been many years since the grade school burnt down.
People at the Restaurant still talk about it in town.
Little Billy was a hero that day, he helped his teachers and
Classmates get away.

The Cafeteria is where the fire started, and the flames grew
Higher and quickly spread, a hot plate wire shorted out
Left the electrical fire climbing the walls then all about.

Billies Sixth grade teacher and his classmates were 
Trapped  in the room, they needed out so very soon,
Billy broke the locks to the windows by the parking lot
and Billy gave his best to see to the rest, one by one, his
 Classmates escaped the door stayed closed the flames
 and  smoke  was starting to drift and the air from the open
windows made it all shift felt like the roof was starting to
A one level building burns very quick, but the exit out went 
Rather slick. 
Thank goodness they all got away, a few cuts, bumps and bruises
On their way, but safe and shaken, while the school stood baken,
A sigh of relief, not one life was taken.

Billy was facing a lot but gave his best, and that night when
He kneeled to pray, he thanked God for helping that day, his friends
Thanked him through the years, and he faced his most dreaded fears.
His mother's tears were with a grateful heart, that her son was safe
 and everyone alive, that day, the children of a small community survived.

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School Fire