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​Back Porch Show

Silver linings shimmer in satin clouds!
A quality to draw crowds, but the backyard
Porch sits alone and proud.
A secluded area where nature cries out loud!

Earth and water of hungry grounds fill the
Air with mystic sounds, echoes caress the
Ears releasing and collecting years of
of emerald tears.

Small creatures life is nurtured well, a
Heartbeat rhythm of natures spell, hills and
Fertile dell providing sanctuary for their keep,
Safety while they sleep. A coexistence of
Wolves and Sheep.

Now I leave this back porch show and move to the
Front to shovel snow. All work and no play can
Can bring drudge on sunny days, why let the moment
Flee life is too short so set your spirit free.

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Back Porch Show (Reprise)