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Delightful Sunday

Street lights softly glow, revealing 
the fog of a cold and misty night.
The gentle silence soothes my restless
My pace is slow these days, 
not a moment of loneliness do I find.

My life has carried its fill of sorrows 
and joys, times of elation as well as
A lengthy ploy which may annoy.
A balance is a gift where insight firmly

Look to the desert sands, let hope take
A sullen stand, peace will speak its name
When turmoil lets go of the pain.

Visit seas vast and wide a place where tears 
Often hide.
Then ride the wave of Moonlight stride.
Vanquish all foolish pride.

Reach for mountains high, and hold the
edge of dawn as it drifts in a cloudless sky.
Send emptiness to restful sleep,
and find the hour before it leaps.

Dress the day in velvet attire, and find the
Waning starlit skies in passions flames of fire.
When morning brings the rising sun,
Beams of compassion's bliss brings forth 
Searing warmth of loving Spring, songs 
Of life that sweetly sing.

So thankful for delightful Sundays as this
When Gods good nature give the earth
a lasting moment of a warming light
On days such as this,  can you feel
the warmth of Springtime kiss?

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Delightful Sunday