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Nature's Sway

In the woods flows a Clearwater stream.
Crawdads, salamanders, and tadpoles 
Swim in its waters so clean.

Stepping stones stretches out several 
Yards,  a Mother deer stands by her fawn
and guards, a peaceful sight in morning's 
shaded light.

So many lives gather here, with thirst
and cooling needs, when salamanders
Return to water it is only to breed, a portion
To life their bloodline needs. 
A line of Spruce  stretches over the outline 
In the woods, the feathered creatures sing
their song, a melody soft but strong, rings
Through the air all day long.

 Stepping down  from the stepping stone
 Time to return home, I gather pine cones
On my way, and watch twin rabbits hop
away, How I wish that I could stay.
To view the beauty of natures sway.

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Nature`s Sway