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I ask God from this desk
To give me my best
Please bring out the Viking Woman in my being
I am tired-weak in body
My mind is running shoddy
Soul is half asleep
Bring the Nordic female from the deep
I need to see
A better way
A stronger force
To take me to love of course
Let it flow through every fractal
The being to the actual
Perfection for a human
Through God's light shines a zillion lumins
Of the vibrations unseen but felt by me
From real life stark reality
That is cruel and unkind
Bring me to the light of the divine
Keep my soul
Feel my kind
Leaving me for his shine
There is no darkness in his perfect love
Let the feeling come down to my mind from above
So I will grow young though old outside
So I will come to be undone of hateful force's ride
That want to run me down
That want me to drown
That don't see the sinner praying to God for mercy
They just want to hurt me
Want gone
The night time poet
Writing the rhymes
As her mind knows it
Somehow some way all day and night
She's sinner knows her God is all light
Who will give his will for this one's face
Will give his love and his grace
Praises to be God is with me
Right here very near

Something I cannot see but feel
When I let go and God's will
Moves my old body to Viking role
Take this ugly worn out soul
From the darkness to the light
You child her God is not alright
As life will get harder along the way
It's the baby boomer way
The hippie dancing out of her mindful
Thinks she sends prayers to God through dance
To see the Glory of his Earth is a every moment
Chance to see how great pure love can be
Feel the strength of it flowing through me
With closed eyes I understand
That I shall be a slave of man
Being a woman will always be
Someone who is number three
Made from only one rib of the first creation
Here with motherly ways to be the completion
What was needed
What was asked for
Multiplication until I came to soar
In a time of 1959's good life
Where females were wives and moms mostly
Somewhat protected from the harsh reality
Outside of husband children and their living
Not much competition needed to be living
The almighty dollar then strong
People got along
The Golden Rule was most prevalent
Could walk the pavement
Proud of our enslavement
Because a slave to God brings the love you give away
God in my soul from those 1959's days
Way up here to 2017
I've lived for love
In many scenes
The characters upon the stage I laid

Play the main part freely
Was never paid
Now play the Viking woman bring it here today
Fill this entity with God's power just a smidgen in me
Let his love course through my being
Reality is seeing
The feeling in truth
As it is underground
Knowing they hate you
But there are rights around
Being a poet old disabled poor
Who prays to God constantly to his opening another door
If I just knock
I can come in
To pray for a stronger character in this play of him
Where as always he's all to me
My father in heaven I am blessed to be
A child of yours
Who can take hers
Her life at anytime
Instead his will sublime
Encases this old girl's total life
Says she's alright
To tell others of his Grace
To put his perfect love in soul to face
The grief of all the human beings who believe there is more
Than what can be seen or heard or touched or tasted beyond the door
That asks you to knock
Be let in
Because of God's grace I am only here my friend
A history
Roots of the cold world up north my stead
I see the snow and furs and ice crystals form in my head
A place to go instead imagination
The poet who asks for God's blessing constantly
To move her cynical attitude to acceptance
To have faith among the decadence

To use my first amendment rights to bring these prayers
To other eyes that read my poetry out there
God Bless you too
It means I have a love for you
To tell my hidden voice inside of me
With fingers fast take it from infinity to one
A soul like yours to be undone
Infusing with your mind
Was mine
Sending more praise to my divine
In small graces humans can compare
To God being the master
While I am a loyal dog down here
Just wanting attention food water and bed
To be able to do the thoughts of work that lie here unfed
So God hear my pleas for strength to live today
I love you Father God
In you there will always be a way
To go on
Singing your song
Shout it from down here
To the up above
God is love
God is love
God is love.

12/14/2017 2010 cj

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