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Reflections  of   Time 

Locked away in the attic is a conglomeration of six generations of keepsakes.
Diaries, wedding dresses, uniforms an old bayonet, eight-track cassettes
Albums full of pictures of distant relatives, my Great Grandmother with the hills
of Sicily in the background of her portrait.
Palermo jewel of the Mediterranian. A sea so blue it is like rich satin. 
A twelfth-century Cathedral holds Mass in soft-spoken Latin.

Rainy days were filled with stories of a home of a rich Italian island.
Rich and fertile the valley home, mountain goats,  sea fishing boats, a reverent
time on bent knee where my ancestor's prayers of devotion kept life in motion. 
Cathedral of Palermo a place of histories heart where blessings of time 
reflect a portion of the ancient time.
Traveling through the pages of time finding roots and wings of the brave and loving hearts,
who's written word of a journey to a new world,  another
chapter starts.
( Dedicated to my Great Grandmother, "God rest her soul")

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Reflections of Time