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Beyond the Door Forevermore 

Life would never be the same
When she spoke his name.
Her bronze body was putty
In his hands.
Her golden hair in wavy strands.

On a cliff near the sea, she watches
For his ship.
Wind and rain at her side, she calls
For him with the rise of the tide.
She can feel his warm lips softly
Kiss her fingertips.

Under the harvest moon, their bodies
Becomes one, a fleeting passion
Was there then gone?
How can this be is there a cry 
Of loneliness rising from the sea?

Her silk gown clings softly to her
Breast, her labored breathing starts
To rest, she leaves the cliff to view
The shore beckons her to explore.
She vaguely sees an open door.
If she passes through she may not return,

She hears his voice, she sees his face, she
Enters through the door, his loving arms
Embraces her, and gives her comfort, to
Soothe her pain, they join once more and
Kiss in the mist and falling rain.

They dwell beyond that door, that brought
The love she adores.
No rooms to set them apart, they beat as
One United heart!
Yes, beyond the door, forevermore...

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