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Life's Gift

Little man your life begins, you share a smile and lovable grin.
So busy playing with your cars and chasing balloons near and far.
I see a familiar shine in your eyes, perhaps a future strong and 

Little Lady so energetic and sweet, you love it when this Granny tickles
Your stocking feet. I love it when you stand by your dad with open
Arms to greet me with your smile, a familiar glow, where
Knowledge grows, and compassion shows.

I can make the both of you giggle when I make the Guinea Pigs
Dance and wiggle.
Laughter fills the room when you two are busy  with play,
Brings sunshine in on a rainy day.

I know why it's A blessing, Grand
Cause love reaches to both of you wherever you stand,
Making life so precious, my heart and mind now understands 
The warmth of your smiles travels swift, and gently gives my 
Heart a lift, a natural treasure of life's loving gift

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Life`s Gift