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Sand Blast  Land of the Lost
Lost again. My destination was shaken by the storm. 
A sullen look on my face, stuck in an unfamiliar
Wind and waves twist and turn, the maps are missing 
somehow I  missed my turn.

So I settle for a place that's dry and give my journey 
another try.
I look in all directions, an empty desert land, a few scorpions 
crawling in the sand.
An oasis stands far away, perhaps it can be reached by the
end of the day.

So I gather what I can, a tattered magazine for my fan, and
walk ahead, with gulps of dread. 
The sun beats relentless scorching my throbbing head.
Miles, I travel the oasis grows near, I pray for water and
hope its clear.

The sun sets a ruby red shine disappears and shrieking 
sounds fill the night and shake this heart of mine.
The torch burns bright and lights the way and finally, I 
find the oasis a place where I can sleep.
Clear waters in a covered well the waters appeared deep.

I wake the next morning to blazing sun, with nothing but
Dunes ahead, no place for cover if I need to run.
So I stayed and rested, my strength regains, the 
the journey ahead will boil my blood in my very own veins.
Onward  I wonder with hidden dangers with an emptiness
that was stranger... ( To be continued, in Sand Blast 2)

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Sand Blast Land of The Lost