The lady with a rope
The lady in loop of a rope
In the dusk, she made that decision.
Two lives going to hang
Her head in the loop
Darkness blinds the village
All are in deep asleep
Moving arms of the tree
Freezes to still even the wind whistles
Breath taking moments
Rope as swag around neck
Sob of despair in her face
She is a lady molested
Her life of yore as a prey
Abuses gifted her fetus.
Of unknown paternity
Ruthless the society systems,
Scholars and leaders many
With fuddy duddy thoughts
A verdict in the night
In her eerie feelings

Seeing her the birds in the dwell
Became panic left the tree in cries
Ensemble of locust in the night stops
The night became darker and darker
Moon and stars hide in the clouds
Night owls screamingly ogle and
Wolves howl to announce traumas
The lady with rope in the loop
White flowers became gloomy
Hissing snakes hide in the holes
All dazed in her eerie feelings

The fetus of unknown paternity
Ruthless the society systems,
Scholars and leaders many
Always mistreated her
With fuddy duddy thoughts
She is in third trimester.
Sudden a lightening hits
In thunder the fetus jerked in womb
In her mind an impulse flashes
Hey! You are a mother
You are a lady with powers
When you hang yourself
The chord in your womb
Make a loop with terrible writhe
The child will become still
In the loop of your chord
The little life too hangs.
Motherhood is your strength.

Hey! Lady with rope in the loop
Don't lose hope...don't lose hope
You must live and respond
Keep the loop ready in arm
To strangle the brutal culprit
Your voice must bang the systems
“Humanity still alive in this world
The motherhood a miraculous love”.

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