The desert tree..
The desert tree epitomize “the struggle of life”
It looks like a man in a green crown turban
who teaches again again “ Life is a sacrifice” in desert.
Given up his own life in the battle of dreams.
One who made the shadow in the way of life.
Dusty trunk is rough but the heart of wood is soft
In the scorching space and bright rays primly stands
And pick up happiness for the saplings or siblings...
In the drought dusty air many are dead and desiccated
But the strong hand like palm fronds waves and cools themselves
those who pass through desert merely knows,
Tolerance and far off searches by deeply rooted responsibilities
Thus, made the dreams to bloom, with spikes of golden yellow fruits.

Now makes thatches for little birds
“ the nest “ a graceful feel of this life .
For their smiles and shining eyes this tree bids
To hot rays in the lonely longing for showers.
That settle the dust and blossomed fragrance
And the heart with sweetness of plumdates
Hey! Don't be thankless birds.
This makes the tree to weep in the desert..

Assiduous expatriates in the desert griefs
With freckles on his face as chlorotic leaves
Here remains as a desert tree for saplings or siblings
In green crown of turban with rough dusty trunk.
The modifications with chainsaws cut down the trees,
But desert retrains “the genes of handedness in seeds”.
The modifications with chainsaws cut down these trees,
But desert retrains “the genes of handedness in seeds”.

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