Hungry Souls..

Hungry souls...
Once “The hungry soul “
Entered in gods own country.
There are lots of pretty people.
Have lot of luxuries,
Huge mansions,
Lush green granaries
With wings of complete liberty
But nobody there to give,
A handful of rice,
A glassful of water,
Systems loudly speak about humanity.
The soul is from wild den or
The soul is from neighborhoods
In need of food
The soul took cereals and pulses.
The camera eyes caught it
Would it be forgiven?
Little cereals
Little pulses
Little salt….need of,
A hungry small stomach.
In tears the starved man in death.
“Hits on Hungry stomach”..
“Hits on Hungry stomach”..
No rules to put out the hunger?
No country...No religion...No race
For these hungry souls.
O” God you left the place...
Sorry to the souls.

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Hungry Souls..

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