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Sand Blast 3 Land of the Lost
The storm passed as suddenly as it appeared. 
The air still seemed thick and heavy, the sun returns 
It's desert blaze, filtering through a sandy haze.
I checked through the abandoned city, water was
Again  in my search, when I turn the corner, a 
Large vulture was standing on his perch.

 I'm the only visitor around and this massive bird
Jumps to the ground.
I envisioned him on a platter, like a Thanksgiving 
Turkey, my stomach was churning and uncomfortably

His appearance was risky, not for me, I would feed 
On him, he would not be given a chance to feed on me.
A covered well stood near, I find the water deep and 
Clear, from a building nearby I, hear a baby cry.

I find a family gathered at a young woman's birthing bed
It was certain I was not alone, this place was that families

Two small children a boy and his sister looked astonished 
To see me and said, "Where did you come from mister?"
"I came from the sea, I've lost my way, I venture into a place 
To stay." I replied. Took a look at the children and mother
With Babe in her arms,  I felt captured by their soft gentle

The Father walks in from another room, his face was pale,
Displaying doom. He looks in my direction in a mournful
Sigh and tears trickle from his sad brown eyes.
(Seems I've found  a family, a newborn son, two children 
A husband and wife, in a remote place barely supporting
Life, to be concluded in part 4, what lies in store)

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Sand Blast 3 Land of the Lost