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Sand Blast Land of the Lost (A Place to Stay)
I was concerned for the Father of the newborn child.
He seems so deep in sadness, on the brink of madness.
I ask if I could help in any way,  he said there was a door
sealed with sand then asked me to give him a hand.

Another storm was quickly approaching,
behind that door was a stairway
to safety,  no one could afford to be hasty.
So together we freed the door, and six of us went through.
Much to my surprise was a city of gold!
Before my eyes plush green grass 
and  mountains high,  trees fully dressed
that meets the sky, a portal in
time and space a magnificent place.

  I looked at the Man and his family with an inquisitive stare,
then a flock of Angels quickly appeared in this land so fair.
I looked back, and the Land of the lost it was no longer there,
no steps up or down just Paradise to be found.

Ultimately all I lost was the land of the lost,
my life was spent paying the cost.
A divine power reached out that day
and brought Heaven my way.
Yes! You might say, I found a place to
 Sand Blast no longer haunts the day...

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Sand Blast 4 Land of the Lost (A Place to Stay)