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Dusk sweeps the peaceful skies,
a gentle flame before night, Gods 
leaves his creative mark before
the pending dark.

Sweet whispered of summer breeze, 
can bring torment to sudden ease, if
what you claim is in nature's bliss is 
starlight's kiss, you'll slow the hold on 
nights like this.

So claim nothing but your soul, when
solitude has reached its goal.
Nature is not an item the human hand 
can hold.

Eye to eye we make a trace to see the
shooting stars stream and race.
 There is a reckoning  we will feel when
Earth and sky release its seal.

Walk steadily to the rolling thunder when
midnight's rain splash and moonbeams
strikes the night asunder...

The restless heart will soar in wonder
A gentle sight that marks the threshold
Of nightly lights...

When sounds of peaceful sleep, bless
Us with sweet summer nights...

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Sweet Summer Nights