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The Waxing Moon

Waxing of the crescent lunar light will lose its shine hours after it crosses 
the horizon's line
The fleeting moments reveals craters so defined.
Day slips away. The soft midnight moon reflects the glow of its fullness 
A nick in time as stars begin to climb illumination of earthbound angels 
wings, a sullen message that they bring

Souls that sail on the feathered wing embrace the song that night air brings
A misty cloud enshrines the bodies freed from spirits cold 
Tides respond to lunars glow the waves will see to show white brine suttle flow

Captured in the glare the spirit of the wild runs free from mankind's snare
Now lift your eyes to view the full moon when the wolves howl out 
their primal cries.
Nocturnal prime will cross the forbidden line

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The Waxing Moon