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Lions and Lambs

It was a day of wind, rain, sleet, and snow.
I could not slow my thoughts.
Mind and spirit begin to draw a conclusion.
The pain grows stronger, an unwelcome intruder.

Memories of past short-lived yet loved.
What time reveals, passions sealed into
The corners of fleeting hope!
Death bares his ugly head to leave remorse
Where life has led.

What saddened hours will unfold when Shadow's
Speaks of mysteries that we hold.
Not an enchantment, or fantasy, it's raw material
Consists of blood and flesh, a time that mingles
Then comes enmeshed.

Like the petals of the rose one by one
The years that come and go, fades and falls
the bud Remember fresh sun-kissed days
as life quietly slips away.

The troubled thoughts will find another
Place to stay...
passing dusk and dawn,
Life renews, then moves
Is this the mix Empires
are built upon?
Perhaps, not at all it
Breeds the seeds of Shadow's

Place the faith in his hands,
The Good Shepherd will be the
Light that stands!!!
His purest love is in command!!!
He knows the hearts of the Lions
and the Lambs.

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