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Meek and Bold

What day enters to bring the end of time,
 In a world riddled with crime?

What day exits with war, hunger, blood, sweat, and tears, 
a cold reality that only grew with consuming fears?

As that day leaves it is destined to return as the flame
is destined to leave ashes after the burn
On and on the sum of heinous deeds proceeds.
tossing out their vile seeds.

The buds of purity fall into the weeds when evil leads.
A cry of sorrow fills the air, the light of goodness plucks
the weeds of cold despair, reviving buds to bloom
Defeating pending doom.

Silver slippers trod in the garden clean, buds rise to
to see the light from open skies, the full flower blooms
to catch a glance of our Makers eyes.

We vanish from time and space, to walk in God's 
Garden enshrined with grace.
Judgment will cast out cold creatures of darkness
fold and peace will glow from saintly hearts, both
meek and bold.

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Meek and Bold (Revisited)