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Hand of Infinity

Clear and crisp was the summer eve,
when the sun had taken leave.
A flow of air so very clean has beckoned
night in stars that stream.

A heavy heart sheds its weight, with 
peaceful whispers of lovers fate.
The glow that sets them side by side 
will free their hope and guide to find the
flame of passion burning deep Inside.
Castaway foolish pride,
and join two hearts in willing stride,
Where connection finds no place to hide.

Only death will they part, but at Heavens 
Gate, their life together will restart.
An open arm reaches high, to bring 
them to the peaceful sky, hold the hope
and feed the love of soft clouds from

Now try not to hesitate, drifting souls
walk together through Pearly gates.
A lifetime will truly offer more; you 
see,  when they hold the hand of

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Hand of Infinity