She is Scary..

She is scary
Season changes but she is scary
Winter made the leaves plunge
Seen she without help in moonshine
Surrounded by howling dogs .
Black cats crossing her way,
Fighting, screaming as a baby in pain.
On the trunks barred owls growls.
But she is scary...she is scary.
Lonesome in the winter night
All are making her terribly scary
Many evils moving around us
She tries to hide in the snow
Evils act fast..
Ties her in twisted ropes
Keep the bricks around her
Hitting with sharp silver nails
Poured cement, plastered well
Kept an axe near to that
Kept a flag near to that.
Trapping her inside the walls
With in concrete blocks.
She is on her last legs...
With seedlings to epidermal skin.
Alas! Enclosed in a steel drum

Night grew darker and darker
The black cats are crying like babies
Witnesses are there they are hiding
You stars don't hide in clouds
Nature is love...Nature is mother...
Save her “she is the nature”...
She is scary.."Mother tree".

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She is Scary..

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