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Has Love Lost the Way
A sad day, when love lost its way.
I search above and below, for its
Warmth and vibrant glow.

Only cold and icy realities appear,
And life grows with unwanted fear.
The soft flowing tear gathers year
after year, to reconstruct the spirits
To watch splendor of its glow.

So love is searched for far and wide
The radiance secretly hides. 
If only love would show its face,
life would enrich with grace. 

I believe love is not lost, I also believe it is 
Close by, frozen in winters frost.
The sum is valued, much greater
Then it's cost.

It will rise to join me soon, it will
Join with me in moonlit skies.
The warmth of it is called out in
Storms, To soothe my lonely cry.

I see my love shine and feel its 
Weight and heavy pounds, and 
Hark to the sweet rebounding sound.
Standing by the open door of my heart
Swinging in the cradle where love
Begins and does not part.

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Has Love Lost the Way