Ireland                                                                           May 3, 2018

The land I love is in terrible mess
The planter party DUP no Ireland free
We stole your country with British might
Cromwell came and started the job
killing at will, no feelings just doing an English job?
Drogheda streets were redwith blood  of Irish dead
The Army came in later years to kill and burn our country
Cork was burned as children died, They came from a civized country?
Death squads and the H Blocks they killed our volunteers
We said goodbye to the Belfast three, in those sad collusion years
Bobby was voted by the people, to fight the church and steeple
Bobby died in an H Block cell. They ignored the Irish people
Many more Irish died on the streets of Irish towns
A civil rights march on a Derry street, fourteen martyrs died
Walking for freedom, killed by the Brits with civil rights denied
The home town of Patsy and Mickey. why was it all denied
The Belfast wall, divide the people, built in the name of peace
Living close no neighbors. When will we see real peace
Carroll Anne Kelly the first child to die killed by a plastic missile
Shot to death by a British Hun, killed by a foreign gun
Tom Williams stood with the Belfast men, By a British noose he died
Taken by the planters, killed, his body locked away
No family visits, no body to kiss or say goodbye?
Kevin Barry died at eighteen years because he did not know
Ireland invaded our people killed at will
The time has come to to free the people
Take down the church and steeple
Ireland is free, twenty six plus six equals one
This is the Ireland we want, united and free
We remember our martyrs, we remember the all
We remember our people, Ireland's call
The land I love is in a terrible mess
The planters party DUP no Ireland free

Gerrard McGeachy

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