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Along the Way

Soft sighs of wind stir the soul's direction,
The steps of faith reveal the path of protection
Sweet scents of lilacs filled the air, Angels standby
with patience.

Springtime softly walks, in whispers, she gently talks.
Warm the heart with hope and castaway despair, a place
called Paradise is waiting for us there.
Come lay your troubles down and grasp the glow
of the renowned.

When storms of Seas and land strike with force, the destination
will stay the course.
When earth begins to quake the peace of all times will awake.
The time of sorrows will fall and break, and love will heal the
mortal ache.

Days will break away from ebony midnight's Prey, and light the
hall of God's domain, and lose the power of cruel restraint., to 
walk with Angels, and loving Saints.
Look to the open heart of wisdom's bliss to shine on in the
golden rays, and pass the cold abyss, to find the final stay.
Perhaps, my friend, we will meet again along the way.

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