Love with an aviatrix

Love with an aviatrix
A feather of love
Falls from sky
With thick bands of colors..
it touches my hand
It wipes my tears
It patted my heart in pain
Float with my thoughts….
I took it to my room
Meanwhile I slept
I kept it in an inkpot
Near to a diary on the table...

Is it a dream.. I don't know
Is it my anxiety.. I don't know
Near to my bed…
O” An aviatrix coming out from
The inkpot with feather dance
With affection calls me…
Roams with me….somewhere
We crossed the oceans
Over vast mountains
Battle field with ammunitions.
I don't want to see that..
Goes somewhere away from earth
Mystic Clouds floats with me
Scatters pearls at me
Eternal stars smiles to me
Somewhere somewhere
I am so excited in the flight
The portable magic
Fills happiness a lot
Opened my mind….
In the pages of diary
She slept as “my poetry”..

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Love with an aviatrix

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