A  Tossing Petal….

A Tossing Petal….
A tossing petal in my gorgeous garden.
Apart from the enchanting floral aestivation…
Is it dancing in breeze or flooded in grief ?
Floating as humming bird's… flapping wings.
It is from the foremost family “Royal Rosaceae”
The crown and glory of garden Rosa…Rosa…

The petal is soft, fragile shaped in ovate ruby red.
Well garmented with dew drops and sweet fragrance,
With evening slanting sunshine, tossing in whistling wind.
Alas! It stuck in thorns and wounded the heart.

Again again in prickling pain the little started to weep.
Leaves and blossoms patted in line with withered arms.
Angelic butterflies fanned out wings and cools bloodshot,
At where the long slender thorns pierced a lot.
Lovely petal rolled and rolled, touches gritty mud.
While the whitish worms tore it in shreds... Silence in bog.

This intrinsic fall…I could only gaze with compassion,
Soil bed keeps alive the traits of “beauty and fragrance”
In crown and glory of garden Rosa...Rosa...
The crown and glory of garden Rosa …Rosa…


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A Tossing Petal….

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