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Days seem to pay no attention where they
disappear in a flash, who knows, they have
another day to start, beginning all over
again, we begin a new day, a mystery, a
fresh breeze, of a silent thought, never to be
remembered the same way again, even a simple
flower, blooming for the last time without
notice, it had even bloomed in the first place
of it's short time on earth.

How easy to pay no attention to the seconds
of time, flying freely away, than one day
time stops and it never moves forward till
that something made time stop in just one second
with perfect attention, heals itself a little, continuing
on like before, without attention, realizing the
true value of each second we take for granted
till it has gone away forever, and only memories
live replacing those seconds we never valued.

Careless hearts, minds blinded away with nothing
only seconds meaning time, only passing into the
past of no return, we continue on without a
thought of what could be happening in just
a second of our short life, never realizing
we never cared to notice that light within us
waiting to shine down on so many alone and
forsaken, when it is only us we think about
and the feeling we alone feel, and why we
must have to go through some sadness before
we really begin to notice that we should always love
ourselves enough to give love and understanding
in our time of life, for another, who has no one who
cares to care, but it their priceless time, they live
for every precious second that passes their way,
and never forgetting to Thank God in heaven for living
each second he has given them to breathe the freshness
of eternal life.

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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