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Farmers on the Go

Reward yourself with this sunshiny day,
but the grass needs cut
and the horses need hay. 
At least the goats and cattle graze
with the sun overhead in a welcomed haze.

No time for sitting and taking a break, but 
the grandkids took off to the lake.
Fishing poles and gear, to welcome the Bass
this time of year.

So bring the cows from the field, 
the late milking will surely yield. 
The goats will follow the cows to
the barn and walk out the door
they hop and stomp across the floor. 

The sunshine was rewarding, to say the least.
Now we sit around the table and ready to 

Life on the farm is a fast-moving pace, time 
quickly runs a race, it a day to day occurrence
us farmers face.
I plop down in my old rocking chair, a moment 
to clear my head, then rise to the rooster's crow
and be ready to be on the go...

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Farmers on the Go