The Androgynous flower.

The Androgynous flower.
Earth is an imperial garden
So special with colorful flowers
Same family in the order
The “staminate” flowers.
The “pistillate” flowers.
And the “androgynous” flower.
Woo! Beautiful creations
All sways in harmony.

Oh, in their sweet smiles,
Soft hum of fragrant air
Plays with humming birds
All the genders are blissful
I also joined to dance with them
But when I came close to
The typical androgynous flower
Reveals the sorrow in deep
Even in the colors and light
With one heart ,with dual body
Rustle of a half man in the petals
And a half lady in the petals.

The flower of unknown gender
Blaming blood relations those
Wounded and isolated them.
Solitary in unshed tears
In the imperial garden with values
I felt such many in the garden.
As a gardener take care of all
Life is beautiful in this garden.


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The Androgynous flower.

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