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After the war,  our people left this bloodstained land.
A father returns home and takes his children
by their hand.
We can't change the world but we may try, a single
 a tear trickles from his misty eyes.

Battle after battle now ends the relentless upsurge,
the dead and dying have enforced the purge.
Darkness unwelcome for mankind a sadness
in each step, they will find, forward they clear
the field, the moment of truce will yield.

Far away from the scene, the dignitary in fresh suites
does not see their hands are unclean. 
A turbulent force breeds a shallow cry of greed.
The fallen will not rise it is the brunt of wars demise.

In the voice of history, war remains no mystery.
The soldier who returns to his children to stay
Will see them grow into soldiers one day.
On and on, because peace does not stay...

Each generation and the innocent are the
ones to pay, the hands of time has not
changed the way, there is always war 
somewhere in the world today...
War has too much to say...

( 1997- John Lennon-Paul McCartney,
"Give Peace a Chance" )

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