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Season's Child

So strong and determined the storm can be.
Shake rattle and roll, while wind and lightning takes 
It's toll.

Spring still struggles with winter's attitude, at this
Point in time  winters sleepwalking, while young 
Spring is talking.

Sleep with peace old man winter, Spring has arrived,
The skies will warm and shine, and reach for weather
Gentle and kind. 

When my garden blooms, flowers ends all pending 
Gloom. Reach out to God's creation, and the storm 
With relaxation, it brings the falling rain, while seeds 
Of Spring walk's with a welcome sway on silent days.

So the wind, rain, and rainbows glow, can 
Make a show, for rich green grass and flowers,
Wild, will bring the sun to shine when days
Grow mild.
A gift for the season's child.

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Season`s Child