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To never see the Darkness

It was time to gather all hopes and dreams.
The journey was at a crossroad. 
Without hesitation, I held my faith 
My prayers were blessed upon presentation.

I took the high road, a road of love and peace.
There was a glow that only became stronger.
My burdens were gone, they exist no longer.
This road had a heavenly glow, a place I would
Grow to know.

Sun and stars were scattered yet light-filled 
The sky; night or day, somehow warmth was
All that mattered.
Darkness was nowhere to be found. I was
standing on holy ground.

A soft touch upon my hand stood an Angel
On the land. 
Soft golden hair, her lit face warmed the air.
She walked with me and showed me care.
We stood together we would enter a land
 gentle and fair.

We crossed a winding river, watched the White Doves
Gather at the banks. Their soft cooing was a sweet
Song of thanks.
The river now behind, my Angel's opened wings were ready
For our flight.
Above all sight and sound, my soul was found.

The gates of Heaven opened, I stood before the 
Lord, he welcomes me, at that moment my life
Becomes restored.
Forever in his light,  never see the darkness 
Of the night...

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To never see the Darkness