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Things To Think About

A man can only fit the shoes his feet were born to.

Sure confidence fills the empty seats of fear.

If we are to believe who we are are who we are,
then who we are are what we to believe.

If I could wake up ancient eyes
and question the path they paved.
The words of ancient cries
would say life chasing makes every man a slave.

The debt of relevancy eats away at the foundation of fame.

We all need to walk with humble feet. If you don't have any borrow some,
otherwise walk in soft shoes.

The coward hides in the shadows of other people words
because he doesn't have the inner strength to form an opinion of his own.

Failure is the ruler a person uses
to determine by what means success to themselves is.

Look into the clearness and you'll perceive the hidden things.

To determine the path of the runner use his eyes to see.

Look into the night and you'll see the darkness
but an open eye will see the beauty and the bright.

Beautiful music tap dances on the floor of my soul.

I'm not super smart but God's hands have made me wise,
I can see the tears of the trees, hear the winds moans,
Feel the sun cries.

The secret language of wisdom never stops talking to the open ear,
pointing the way to the observing eye,
Clearing a path for the feet of the perceived person.

Get a good sniff of fear and it'll destroy you from the inside out.
Be careful what you breathe in because it'll be what you breathe out.

Terror went to the devil shaking. The devil asked, what's wrong?
He said I'm terrified of him. The devil asked, who!?
Terror said he that sits above everything.
The devil asked, who me? Terror said no the one above you.

The hands of God are always on the wise.
They are willing puppets to be his hands his ears his mouth his eyes.

If you're wondering why you are where you are
it's because you chose this path when you came to the fork in the road.
You chose the beautiful flowers in the field like Dorothy.
They soon put you to sleep to the true realities of life.

If you want to be wise you got to allow him to make you.

The smell emanating off the bragger's tongue is the stench
of conceit. Before long he'll fill the room with the essence of himself.

Walk away from the brightest star if you don't want to get burned.

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Robert Anthony James

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Things To Think About