The Mother leaf..

The mother leaf..

I saw an evergreen plant in beautiful garden of life.

I saw an evergreen plant in beautiful garden of life.

There was a “mother leaf “so lovely in the habitat

Broad lamina bulged out, clings to little buds.

She prepared sweets in hands and taught many others in school

Through her veins she gave the “pigment of love” to little buds.

Adaxial surface of her skin notched up many buds

It protects from direct sunlight, strong winds and pests

The buds sucked the healthy rich pigments from her skin.

Now the “mother leaf” becomes pale yellow with white spots

Still “mother leaf” stored sweet love in notches for buds

Before going to shed in the autumn wind or in rain

The buds that are grown pushed her out from node of the stem

The pot where she kept some color of love and food broken in fall

But the soft wings of little butterflies slowly brought it down.

I admire the noble deeds, “who gave that care and love”.

This mothers love touches every heart..

Ageing like chlorosis where the colors in life blurred

Withering of yellow leaves is a fact,

But don’t pluck from home turf.

But don’t pluck from home turf .

The yellow leaves will fall. New buds will grow

But the “mother leaf’s “hydathode eyes are seeking for love”.

“Such so many old age “mother leaves”,

In the beautiful garden of life.

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The Mother leaf..

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