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Rainy Month of May

If only for a moment when life seemed so easy
When Spring was full of flowers and grass grew
Rich with showers.
The moments gather through the years, our laughter
and our tears, your loving protection that soothed my

I remember you soft hazel eyes they seemed to see
Right into my heart. 
You gave me a warm and gentle start. You fulfilled
My needs and filled the windswept fields of my life
With colorful seeds.

I truly Thank you for your direction, your love, and firm
Protection, but most of all the faith you had in me, and
Peace you instilled that soothed me soul and set me free.
I see the generations grow, with hope and loving care,
How I hope that you were here.

You remain a light within my heart with that light I will
Never part.
On this rainy month of May, I send my love to you on
Mothers day and remember how your love and care
Paved the way and how your deeds have blessed this day.

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Rainy Month of May