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Homestead Pride

 The whispering wind brings the soft song of spring.
A seal of life as robins sing.
Flowers swaying and wildlife playing, rejoice with the
Season's voice.

To the path of homestead pride. My horse stands by my
The vivid colors come alive, the day invites me to a 
gentle ride.

Sun softly warms the field in golden rays of light,
A picture perfect sight, a blissful place I view, in
In solitude and watch the creature as they elude.

One glance requires more, to drink this sight I truly
Adore, Spring and Summer lies ahead, in fields
Of Grain that makes my bread.
This is a calm and peaceful day when the children of
Nature gently play.

All this Homestead provide is pure in five generations 
Of hard work and Pride.
So come spend a day of harmony, and hold the peace
Of natural ways, for God  has surely blessed this day.

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Homestead Pride