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Springtime Shimmer

In a hollow tree at the end of the path live a family of Squirrels.
Mama, Papa, baby, and Grandfather Squirrel.
From sunrise to sunset they seem busy and committed to chores.
Whatever they gathered is life-sustaining and more.

Spring was knocking at everyone's door,  but the woodlands grew
Once more new life and more family members, the warmth and 
the rain was back again.
A season of life's clear loving reason. Was perpetual and full of
Light, a warm and most welcome sight.

Flowers full bloom  dress the glen, and children laughter fill the
air, the high sun shines in midday hour with brief bouts of nurturing 

A world of color and spice, when life rebounds in a world so nice.
Yet, there are always hidden dangers in every form of life,  which 
Is why Grandfather squirrel would calmly guard his family against
Unneeded strife.

 I fill the bird feeders and throw peanuts on my porch and watch 
It all disappeared a duty that grew throughout the years.
Like a party that springs into action,  my back porch is an awesome

Once again, I watch my life fill with glimmer, as Springtime
Fully lights up my backyard with a light that magically shimmers.
Welcome to my heart and eyes, the dawning of soft Spring skies.
A peaceful sight where Cardinals fly... 

(Welcome to a world of Springtime shimmer...)

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Springtime Shimmer