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Peaceful Gaze

Rolling thunder is passing by, in the rain filled open sky.
Daybreak has walked in and crystal rain again begins.
The treetops bend and sway and bring a dance on rainy days.
The fresh waters bring its vibrant flow, it helps the green grass

Now, take a stand and touch the hand of stormy days, and watch 
The day disappears in misty rain droplets haze.
The cattle again will graze in a hunt and hungry phase.
 Deliver the peace from one unto another, and know that nature holds
A loving heart of a Mother.

Bringing Springtime golden voice, and making life her common choice.
Some may never see the richness of her love, but it will soar with Eagles
flight, and embrace a fuller light.
When she bows her head, the great land is fully fed, the creatures of her
keeping will flourish when rains are weeping.

Stand and witness with your heart, how days grow with a mighty spark.
Look to the setting sun and know that Mother Nature's love has won.
When blind eyes see the misty haze of golden days.
The eyes will heal in a peaceful gaze... 

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Peaceful Gaze