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The Element that Leads

War is better off as an undone thing.
Woe and destruction are what it brings.
Yet when  fought by those who have not 
Sought its turmoil, leaves the young and
innocent to sadly spoil. When man will 
 bring disputes to a rolling boil.

Cast the arms aside, take the differences
And let them ride. If we do not come to a truce,
We merely creating our own noose
For eons, man has died in battle, their banner
Rides. It happens on either side, with the 
Nuclear age there is no safe place to hide.
It no longer matters what side.

Do we kill the earth in one blast of fire, there
Lies no  honor in the smoke of smoldering pyres 
When long last land sees nuclear winter, will 
Create a life that decay and splinter.

Do we see the downfall of our deeds, when man
and earth are stripped of all their needs?
Can we live in this world that hollows out
A once perfect seed, life, and hope must
Again be the element that leads.

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The Element That Leads