The Romantic Inkpot..

The Romantic inkpot
My heart is a carved Inkpot ,
It's always filled with lovely quotes.
The prismatic conical pot,
With a thickened blue vein spot .
In deep solitude it pains a lot….
Before it crushes in the journey of life.
With the drops of blue ink left in my heart.
I am trying to write a poetry of love
Oh! this blue planet is so stunning
But I search the unique “blue pretty eyes”
At the shores of deep blue seas
At the top of the blue hills and ,
In the valleys of blue flowers and…
Wherever seen blue birds swaying wings…
Surely,she is the pretty queen for me.
I am trying to write a poetry of love
My heart is a carved Inkpot.
In this bluish sky you are so far
I saw you like a blue eyed peahen,
That falls in ecstasy with sailing clouds..
O” My beauteous queen you fly on top and top
Human genus made walls, within hatreds and wars.
Bring opulent clouds of love and shower at here
I will chill and dance O”I will chill and dance
In my shivering hand, give me a golden feather
With that sense I will write a poetry of love
Not in red lines ….Not in black lines
Hey, make lovely quotes in blue ink of love,
The heart is a carved inkpot…

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The Romantic Inkpot..

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