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Mighty Mississippi Flow

A rolling river passes by this old shack.
I travel on its waters flow to places I long
To know. 

Two days pass and my feet now welcome 
The rich, green grass. Standing on the
Docks, watching hands on the fisherman clocks.

Night and day will make its way. My tired feet will
Find a place to stay. The mighty Mississippi flows by.
In the restless waters turbulence show.
My hometown appears, home, at last, after all these
Years. I wave of joy passes over me when a familiar 
Face I gladly see.

 The glowing face of my brother, who calmly smiles
as we come together.
Can't fight back the tears, it is the union I've prayed for

The day begins to fade. There was much happiness
We made. I return back to my ship to continue my trip.
The waters sing a goodbye song and carry me back
On its movement strong.

(Carry me where I long to be and set my spirit free...)

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Mighty Mississippi Flow