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Spring Cleaning 

Spring cleaning begins in the attic.
An old trunk with my Grandmothers
Wedding dress and her keepsakes for
Each child, down to her own handprints
As a child.

Life was contained in this attic, the golden
Albums and silver chalice, Old Italian lace 
White velvet gloves, black and white photos.
In the collection a picture of my fathers first 
Dance, my mother by his side.
I thought how precious these life treasures that
We hide.

As I brush away the dust and bring the luster to each 
Keepsake I felt a warmth fill my heart because of each
Beginning of new life and each ending of old I held in
My hands were once held in theirs, I felt the love and 
Care radiate from each piece of life that now sits in
a trunk in this attic.
Polished and cleaned placed back into this old trunk
to visit again.

If there was something I value more, it will be the 
Love and peace that each keepsake instilled with their
Touch, and the love within my soul for entrusting their
Token of life into my hands today.
As I finish I found the silver spoon with my mother's name
Last but not least, the luster and shine reflect my image
Knowing then the unity of our lives have come full circle.
(A little spoon that feed a child now nurtures the soul of
a woman a generation later)

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Spring Cleaning