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Healing Forest

She shook from head to toe,
did not know what direction to go.
A fork in the road stood  before her, the 
Mountains she could not cross
It was time to give that coin a toss.

She decided to turn back into the forest,
Too weak to climb the mountains knowing
The dangers she faced, at least the trees
Would be a life-sustaining place.
Still shaking and afraid, her plans were 
Quickly made.

A pear tree bearing fruit stood at the entrance.
She picks a few pears and ate her share. 
Her shakes became calm, as she held the 
Seed and core in her palm;
She thought perhaps the seeds needed the
Soil, she saw no wisdom in letting the seeds spoil. 

Moving forward to the beaten path, she entered
The tree riched lanes with the absence of hunger
She heard the soft wrestling of the leaves, the sadness
She thought she laid to rest was gripping her
Bossom, heartache is hard to shake, it was a feeling
That twisted her inside, that she tried so hard to hide.

She surrendered to her tears, that she held back
For so many years. 
Cradled in the branches of my forest friend
My sudden sadness comes to an end.
My heart was feeling weak, when suddenly
The tree began to speak!

"Soothe your sadness, and  set yourself free,
Your feet will carry you wherever you choose to be
You have no roots to lose,
Stay with me and cast this heartache
Away, you'll be stronger to face another day." 

The wisdom of the Blue Spruce Pine had 
A healing force in my favor, a tree of reason
That I begin to savor. 
Deep in sleep, my soul warms in this Great 
Pines Keep.

Dreams materialize, and the soul
Arises facing many other homeward souls of
many sizes.
Was this the forest of drifting souls connecting
With earth and sky;  No, only a dream, as It may be.
For I was that very tree!  The sleeping hour of 
Woodland power merely reflected a part that troubled me...
Wings within the roots that fly bares witness to the open skies. 
And shown the light of Gods love;  and placed within my
Limbs, the hooting Night Owl, and the cooing morning Dove. 

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Healing Forest (Reprise)