The little butterflies smile ..

The little butterflies smile..
The little flowers in my garden are today gloomy,
Petals are grungy, the breeze with acrid scent.
Birds aren't chirruping ,Iam searching you…
My colourful butterfly you fly and come soon,
Waving your little wings bring smile on flowers.

You are very playful in sunlight and breeze..
Keep on the fragrance with your fluttering wings.
But the change in seasons brought sturdy,
Malware genes in grasses, pets and little wings.
You are quivering in the day and night.
Some body took you in the transparent container,
In intensive care you are in a couch of white flowers.
Masking your eyes, marking your wings with color pens
Needles, threads and medications in soft body
In prognosis, “oncogenes” stained in the paining cells..
The strong beams you face bring lethargic burns
Hey little one your scale wings will become dark..
Tomorrow you want to play in sunlight ..
You will smile ,in little winged frocks
You will dance on colored petals
Faith to live Faith to live… with follow ups and medication

Oh! My dear , Iam sharing my pain for you.
I am longing to see your smile tomorrow.
You will play in the garden and shade bright colors ..
I am standing in long queue with huge medical bills.
I am selling my pains, but nothing in front of your little smile.
You are in “the hands of angels” and “the messengers of god”
Only few hours more the radiotherapy will over…
You will smile “but clouds with tears tranquil over the garden”

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The little butterflies smile ..

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